Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Love is the best endeavor waiting in the lion's mane

I love to play lions with my dear little boy. Sometimes we growl at each other and I try to eat him and he throws a net on me, and sometimes he is a tiny baby lion who wants to be made cozy, and I make him a bed of grass and tree stars. Tonight he told me over and over, "I love you, Mom!" I am so lucky to hear it! Him just smiling up at me with his sweet sleepy face is perfection. He sings itsy bitsy spider and we watched the lone dinosaur song and he and Sparrow rode around and my back as he bellowed "Dinosauuuur!" He had his first swimming lesson today and he was so excited. We called Sparrow the naughty baboon because she kept scratching him when he was a lion. She is a little duck and some kind of savage cavegirl and exactly like herself. She is so communicative for a nonverbal individual. I painted Jon with a paintbrush while he was playing games and I made this amazing zucchini pasta that was so spicy and oniony. It was a good day. Trying not to think about the Third Seed.